EFCA President Welcome Address - EFCA Conference Dublin 9-11 May 2019

Kevin Rudden

CEO Garland

EFCA President

On behalf of the European Federation of Consulting Engineering Associations (EFCA), it is my pleasure to invite you to join us in Dublin for the Annual EFCA Conference on 9th - 11th May 2019. 


Since joining the board of EFCA in 2015 and subsequently becoming President in 2017, I have been privileged to be hosted by so many of our Member Associations throughout Europe while visiting their beautiful cities. In hosting this year’s EFCA Conference in my home city of Dublin, ACEI has given me the opportunity to reciprocate your generous hospitality.  I genuinely hope that you can join us in Dublin, a small capital with a huge reputation.


The theme of this year’s conference is; Future Trends: Talent, Tools and Technologies. We have assembled a diverse panel of energetic presenters who will explore the future trends facing our industry in the coming years.  We will then examine how we develop the talent, and identify the tools and technologies required to prepare for the inevitability of these future trends. Rather than just imitate the business models that were successful in the past, we must innovate and concentrate our efforts on achieving what our competitors are not yet doing.

Our programme guarantees you a perfect cocktail of  inspiration, illumination, heritage and  entertainment to make your trip to Dublin memorable. We look forward to meeting you here.

ACEI President Welcome Address - EFCA Conference Dublin 9-11 May 2019



Ciarán Kennedy

CEO Barrett Mahony Consulting Engineers

ACEI President

On behalf of the Executive and Secretariat of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) I am delighted to invite you to Dublin for the EFCA Conference, 9-11 May 2019.


A very warm welcome is extended to all participants, especially those from ACEI Member Firms and EFCA Member Associations, Firms, Young Professionals and Secretariat. Many thanks are due to the excellent speakers who have agreed to present at the conference as well as those sponsoring the event. The key input and support of all our sponsors and speakers has been invaluable.


ACEI was honoured to be invited to host EFCA 2019. The association is very pleased to have had the opportunity to arrange interesting venues and the associated logistics for the General Annual Meeting (GAM), Business Day, Conference and the Gala Dinner. We hope that the locations chosen showcase Dublin as a vibrant, modern, as well as a historical European city and look forward to welcoming all our delegates from Ireland and the rest of Europe.


Dublin is fast becoming a 'Smart City'. You can learn more about the related activities and projects on the website and I hope you get to experience some of them while you are here.  The theme of the Conference this year is: Future Trends: Talent, Tools and Technologies. The speakers, panels and discussions will focus on the years ahead. What does the future hold for consulting engineers in Ireland and Europe? What are the challenges that face our business in relation to people, processes and digital information?

Join us in Dublin to find out more.

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