Social Events

All of the venues can be easily reached by making a beautiful walk along the River Liffey towards the heart of the city centre. However, taxi's are easily available and will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to the destination depending on traffic. Costs would be approximately €10.00 - €15.00.

A private area has been reserved for Friday 12th October  in the Mercantile Bar, 28 Dame Street, Dublin. You can make your way here following the dinner in the National Gallery of Ireland.


11th October

Trainees Dinner
 Fallon & Byrne 


Getting from the Gibson Hotel to the dinner at Fallon & Byrne is a beautiful walk towards the middle of the city centre. Walk along the River Liffey for approximately 20 minutes and cross a bridge where you will walk towards Trinity College. Then turn left onto Church Lane, again turn right onto St. Andrews Street. Finally you will make a right onto Exchequer Street and Fallon & Byrne will be on your right hand. 


12th October

Welcome Reception & Gala Dinner 
National Gallery of Ireland


The route to the National Gallery of Ireland is approximately a 30 minute minute walk with easy directions.  From the Gibson Hotel, walk along the River Liffey for approximately 15 minutes and cross the Sean O'Casey Bridge. Then walk straight ahead for another 15 minutes and you will run into the National Gallery of Ireland.


13th October

Black Tie Conference Dinner
Trinity Dining Hall

Trinity College

Trinity College is located in the heart of the city centre. Walk along the River Liffey for approximately 20 minutes, next you will turn a left on any of the bridges and walk towards Trinity College.

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